La Loba

Past 3am on a wednesday night...after a few beers and a cheesy horror movie with good company i walked home.
long walks by myself are actually pretty nice, when i wasn't secretly paranoid about being attacked. maybe it's just the in and out of my breath or the rhythm of each stride, but what a great time to collect some fucking thoughts :)

my days have been filled with the ever-so-frustrating job search, then copious amounts of down time, which isn't so much a luxary as pure boredom. i watched a mini marathon of Curb Your Enthusiasm with a friend one night and to my suprise even Larry David can influence my style...those bedazzled sweatshirts in "Ben's Birthday Party" have haunted my dreams! (HA!) So now i'm on the lookout for such a thing. One of those "so ugly it's awesome" cases!

I really can't stand these "Jegging" things...it's either OR, you can't fake jeans!

The new season of the Rachel Zoe Project is also snagging my attention, i don't care, the woman has a serious knack for making anything look great. And Taylor's not such a raging bitch...

working on some "projects" in between. i'm usually somewhat up-front, but there's certain things i like to keep under wraps, just for the fact that i'm tired of being beaten to the punch or straight up having my ideas ganked. one of my ultimate frustrations...

Listening to:
*Shakira-"She-Wolf" in any and all forms!
*Plastiscines...alot, and a few remixes. i'm a long-time sucker for french pop
*CocoRosie...all of it is so wonderful. i love music with an old/new feeling.
*Pulp. c'mon!

*Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros...i really REALLY loved the first set of stuff, but it's dissappeared and they replaced it with they're newer material, which is still great. IMA Robot is an old favorite, and i love the change of pace Alex Ebert has taken these days. They're definitly on my "must-see" list once i'm back in LA!!!
*Die Hunns/The Hunns-thanks to my brother who's got some fine punk-rock taste in music.

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