the apple of my eye

my 21st birthday is coming up at the end of the month so i had some fun making a wishlist while sick in bed the other day

Pretty In Pink by Elloh on Esty

the more fringe, the better. American Apparel

one of these Lolita movie posters...both are great! they'd look quite nice in my apartment one day :)

so i went into the liquor store with my dad recently and saw this Vodka (or rather the bottle) and made a proposal that my parents could have the vanilla vodka INSIDE, if they just let me have the bottle. what a great design...and funnily enough, the creator of the brand is Dan Akroyd. yes, as in SNL, Ghostbusters & Coneheads Dan Akroyd!

i've been a big fan of Michael Sieben for a few years now, haven't looked at the book yet but i'm sure it won't disappoint.

Fisheye lense for my Canon Rebel 35mm

lovely and super cheap on Urban Outfitters

Johnny Thunders rosary on Etsy...MUST HAVE.

same artist, Elloh...The Darjeeling Ltd. i'm really in love with their painting.

Wildfox Couture hit the nail on the head with this top!

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  1. i like the second picture up. i am a fan of darjeeling limited. loved that movie