My 21st birthday is tomorrow, or rather in less than 9 hours! Very weird because at this age, you're an adult and there's no getting around it. I feel like only moving foward with things from now on, i've gotten some closure on stuff and i'm feeling good about it all.

One of my best friends came to visit for a week, which was so wonderful! Adventures galore! Lots of Chelada beer was consumed heh. Saw 'Jennifer's Body' TWICE this weekend, and honestly i dig it. Diablo Cody did a really great job, in that it was an original plot, pretty good humor though a tad excessive on all the slang, and a handful of talented actors. Megan Fox did a fine job, i mean it WAS a teen role for a horror movie, i don't know why everyone expected her to bust out some award-winning dialogue...take it for what it is, and i think she was't bad at all. I guess it's not one for those who can't handle crude humor, gore and satanic elements, but i'm not one of those people luckily!

Also, i'm an avid LookBook.nu fan, and lately this girl Frida from Sweden's style has been blowing my mind. I wish i were this stylish at 16, jesus christ! you can check out her blog at: http://fyndigt.devote.se/


Oh Jeremy Scott, once again...

The Flinstones just got revamped, leave it to J.S. to go beyond and pull it off!
The hair & make-up are so sick!

Photos by The Cobrasnake.


One of my favorite styles from the past...

I never really used to be that into lingerie in the past, but more and more i find myself buying pretty underthings...my biggest love is Longline bras though. As a fan of trying to incorporate lingerie into wearable outfits, these are the bees knees. Usually best if saved for nighttime looks, i've been trying longlines under blazers, vests, over tops or with high-waisted bottoms. There's totally so many ways to do it, and not look like a floozy!

Sadly, it's hard to find much variety at the moment, but i'm crossing my fingers that that'll change soon! (Loving that Urban and F21 came out with one!)



Back in LA i saw Adam Goldberg's band LANDy in Eagle Rock and fell in love with their sound. One of my favorite songs is "Bff" and i decided to just see if there was a video for it today...to my suprise there's an amazing video! it's such a talented group of musicians, and i'm a longtime fan of Adam Goldberg's acting. If the opportunity to see them live arises, DO IT. i look foward to seeing them again when i move back.

the 60's styling for this was such a good choice! aren't the girls in the band precious?

also great...

La Loba

Past 3am on a wednesday night...after a few beers and a cheesy horror movie with good company i walked home.
long walks by myself are actually pretty nice, when i wasn't secretly paranoid about being attacked. maybe it's just the in and out of my breath or the rhythm of each stride, but what a great time to collect some fucking thoughts :)

my days have been filled with the ever-so-frustrating job search, then copious amounts of down time, which isn't so much a luxary as pure boredom. i watched a mini marathon of Curb Your Enthusiasm with a friend one night and to my suprise even Larry David can influence my style...those bedazzled sweatshirts in "Ben's Birthday Party" have haunted my dreams! (HA!) So now i'm on the lookout for such a thing. One of those "so ugly it's awesome" cases!

I really can't stand these "Jegging" things...it's either OR, you can't fake jeans!

The new season of the Rachel Zoe Project is also snagging my attention, i don't care, the woman has a serious knack for making anything look great. And Taylor's not such a raging bitch...

working on some "projects" in between. i'm usually somewhat up-front, but there's certain things i like to keep under wraps, just for the fact that i'm tired of being beaten to the punch or straight up having my ideas ganked. one of my ultimate frustrations...

Listening to:
*Shakira-"She-Wolf" in any and all forms!
*Plastiscines...alot, and a few remixes. i'm a long-time sucker for french pop
*CocoRosie...all of it is so wonderful. i love music with an old/new feeling.
*Pulp. c'mon!

*Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros...i really REALLY loved the first set of stuff, but it's dissappeared and they replaced it with they're newer material, which is still great. IMA Robot is an old favorite, and i love the change of pace Alex Ebert has taken these days. They're definitly on my "must-see" list once i'm back in LA!!!
*Die Hunns/The Hunns-thanks to my brother who's got some fine punk-rock taste in music.


Sharon Tate

I've been a long-time admirer of Sharon Tate, who had such an extraordinary beauty & grace...whether it's the unfortunate Manson murders that are intriguing me, or one of her films, i can never quite get over how gorgeous she was through and through.


Brian Viveros!

last winter i saw a painting on the internet, which i instantly saved in my photos, and spent so long wishing i knew who did it. i finally saw Robert Viveros' work in a random blog and looked up everything he's done...blown away. i love art that mixes opposites, and his gorgeous girls in the pieces combined with the gritty, tough battle wounds and tattoos work so well. great color palette, technique, and the graphic nature behind it. the trademark cigarette dangling from each girl's mouth is also a cool consistant touch, but never boring or repetative. i love, no ADORE his art, maybe one day i'll be lucky enough to own an original.