Back from the dead for this important memo:

I moved to a NEW BLOG in order to start fresh, because frankly, this felt much too chaotic.

Only style and fashion related posts this time-a bit more "professional", but still true to my taste and inspirations.

It feels nice to start with a clean slate!


I've been horrible at updating this lately. The fact is, I haven't felt that inspired to up the ante on my wardrobe as of late because I'm trying to figure out where my style is going. I will always dress with whatever twist it is that I have, but when it comes to how I i'd like to ideally dress and what i actually end up buying/wearing, the two don't match up how i'd like and being broke isn't really an excuse. Black & grey, leather, vintage tees, zippers & studs, fur, feathers, southwestern, sheer, witchy and rock n' roll will always be constants in my style preference, but all of those are suddenly booming trends (well, Rock n' roll is always in) and it makes me feel frustrated trying to separate myself from the masses. Not that I think I'm the most original dresser ever, but as many devotees of fashion know, it's ultimately irritating when people make fun of certain aspects to your style then end up wearing it years later when Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters exploit it to all hell. I've accepted that my look will always be eclectic, I connect with too many interests to commit myself to just one aesthetic, but i'm in desperate need of refining. Less colors, jeans and pants (still a lot, but not every single day), single layers, prints, vintage (i know, but it's easy to collect a lot of mediocre pieces and just feel obligated to wear them), cotton (*gasp* but it can be a snooze) and more accessories, leg baring, fierce shoes and unique shapes. I often go for what's more comfortable or easy to put together, when a little effort and pain would make a world of difference...it's not that i'm afraid of other's reactions, it's that i'm sort of lazy, which is not the word i'd like to describe my style at all. I find myself rambling in run on sentences, but it's been hard to put my finger on what's been bothering me so much and putting a damper on my motivation relating to how I dress.

Just a little black on black action while playing with the light in my room, or lack there of.

Also, I forgot to renew my domain name so the url hasn't been working properly. I plan to step my game up a notch, in all areas of my life, but forgive my lack of posting, as my closet makes me want to pull my hair out at the moment.


Catch up!

I've been a little more occupied than usual and unfortunately neglected to update here, so now is the time to catch up again.


Lazy Bones

I'm getting ready to go to Colorado for a short visit on Monday, so I've been a little consumed with thinking about what clothes to bring and such. I forgot I had this fleece motorcycle vest, since it's made for men and oversized, it has a tendency to look sloppy when I usually wear it. I also figured the Betsey Johnson tiger coat deserved a little more attention.

The white tank is by JPark and I can tell already that it's going to naturally shred itself into a nice cobweb of a shirt...a result I'm more than jazzed about. It's got a very raw texture and weave, so it's perfect.

Tiger coat-Betsey Johnson, Motorcycle hoodie/vest-Levi's Vintage, Black cropped & destroyed sweater-RVCA, Tank-JPark, Random cheap zipper skinnies, Forever 21 ankle boots that surprising are the sturdiest I've ever seen from such a store.


I can't stop wanting to wear my Barlow jacket with everything, but I did just remember I owned these shredded white skinnies that were just asking for a sleek, structured contrasting piece to go along. The top is a circle shirt which is always a fun shape too.


Eaten By Moths

Another goody found at the bins was this moth-eaten sweater that passes as 60's/70's/80's and 90's, in my opinion. One of my favorite true vintage finds. Also, it really reminds me of Bjork, in her orange hair with brown brows era...her coloring, you know?
Also, finally found some giant lennon sunnies, after realizing i no longer had any glasses at all and am going to Colorado in a week. I sprung for two pairs since I have terrible luck with sunglasses, either losing/lending them or breaking them, so the cat eyes were much needed too.

I found this really great denim jacket on my dig at the bins. It was definitely designed and handmade by someone as a personal project, but it's got the coolest cut and style that mocks a leather motorcycle jacket-and it fit perfectly! I'm ready to start adding some patches and pins to it, so glad fate put it in my hands.